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Intergraf Digiflex Ltd.'s predecessor in title, Intergraf Printing Service and Trading Ltd. was founded in 1982 by four Hungarian private individuals. The company has been continuously under their management and control for 36 years now.


At the beginning, main activities were trading and service of printing industry equipment. Being the service agency of DuPont’s Graphic Art division, Intergraf had been in close connection with flexo technology from the onset.

Later on, Intergraf became exclusive distributor of DuPont Graphics products, and flexo plate-making was started up in 1986 based on DuPont know-how.


In 1998, a significant technical development was launched. As a result, Intergraf became a pioneer in East-Central Europe to introduce and use digital flexographic plate-making technology (DuPont CDI) with the most advanced Barco-Graphics (today Esko) pre-press system. Also in 1998, being one of the first companies in the world, we installed a computer aided DuPont Macroflex mounting equipment. By this, high precision plate positioning became available, which helped corrugated printers achieve a momentous quality increase.


In 2002, being the first in Hungary, we put a DuPont Cyrel 3000 plate processing line into production, making the largest plate sizes (127 cm x 203,2 cm) available for the market. In 2007, the installation of our Kodak Thermoflex Wide I imager introduced the largest plate sizes also for digital plate-making, again for the first time in our country.


In October, 2008, with legal succession, the independent Intergraf Digiflex Printing Form Producing Ltd. was founded. The owners of Intergraf separated the flexo pre-press, plate-making and pre-mounting tasks by founding Digiflex. The staff and the technology remained the same, however, this reorganization made it possible to see more clearly the performance of production.


Over the years, many successes – several items in World Excellence in Corrugated Graphics, and Hungarian packaging prizes, such as Pro Typographia and Hungaropack, the WPO recognized Hungarian Packaging Competition – have proved our quality and have showed that we are on the right technological path. Please, find our reference samples from our pre-press and plate-making jobs here.


The Hungaropack 2009 and 2010 prizes acknowledged our efforts and quality in the conversion of rotogravure designs to flexo technology. For this, we developed the know-how from 2004, when we faced the demand to convert hundreds of quality brand designs from rotogravure to flexo. We are able to utilize this know-how also in the field of corrugated printing, especially in case offset to flexo conversions are demanded.


Intergraf and Intergraf Digiflex have continuously been seeking new technologies and new solutions by which we can improve our service and reach higher quality in flexography. In 2012 Intergraf Digiflex accomplished a new development by installing DuPont’s DigiCorr solution in order to take corrugated printing to an even higher, new quality level. In 2013 a new CDI laser imager was put in production, that was later upgraded to HD FLEXO in 2015 including DigiFlow and Pixel+ technologies.


Today Intergraf Digiflex can provide both the highest quality flexo pre-press and flexo printing plates with its state of the art software and plate making technologies.

If you’re interested in our solutions, technologies and products, please click here to contact us.
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